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Made by Luxinity - the stainless steel toothbrush with exchangeable bristle head

After almost 2 years of development, Luxinity is currently presenting Europe's first toothbrush made of stainless steel with an environmentally friendly replaceable head system.

Additional to the toothbrushes, we have also developed a toothbrush holder, also made of stainless steel, which provides an enormous upgrade in every bathroom. As has been used in the dental sector for a long time, we only manufacture high-quality, rust-free and hygienic stainless steel, which offers maximum durability, exclusivity and value.

In addition to toothpaste, electric toothbrushes and razors, the toothbrush set creates an individual and hygienic atmosphere in the eye of the user. The comparatively low cost of replaceable bristle heads compared to conventional toothbrushes not only protects the environment, but saves also your wallet.

With this project, we from Luxinity originally set ourselves the goal of combining dental care and luxury and creating more comfort through an ergonomic design.

The toothbrushes are currently available in the versions 'Polished' (polished) and 'Brushed' (brushed). Each handle is carefully and individually manufactured by hand in order to achieve pure surface quality.

We are currently developing a cost-effective model that will appear with a matt look to convince even more customers of the quality and hygiene of our products.

As a manufacturer, we offer our customers not only exclusivity but also a high degree of individuality, as we also refine our products with various processes, such as laser engraving of names and logos, or biocompatible coatings in different colors such as black, gold or rose gold.

We are always available for special requests or questions and will help you to make your dream toothbrush reality.