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Bamboo toothbrush & stainless steel toothbrush in comparison

Bamboo or stainless steel - which material is better for dental care?

Bamboo toothbrushes have been enjoying increasing popularity for some time, but is the material safe to use for dental care?

First of all, it can be said that bamboo is a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic toothbrushes, as here the use of plastics is mostly dispensed with.

However, there are a few things that should be considered or questioned. Firstly, the fact that most of the bamboo products sold in Germany come from China. There is a seal called 'FSC' (Forest Stewardship Council), but nothing about the production conditions of the products can be derived from it. Recurring long sea routes for single-use products also have to be covered.

On the other hand, products do not automatically consist of 100% bamboo just because it says bamboo on the packaging: Often there are less than a third of natural fibers in bamboo products that are also glued with melamine resin or treated with artificial adhesives. The danger here comes from harmful, carcinogenic substances that can dissolve at high temperatures.

Because of this lack of transparency, we from Luxinity have decided to only use high-quality, rust-free stainless steel in the production of our toothbrush handles, as this can be reused as often as you like and does not have to be thrown away after use. Our stainless steel has been well established in the dental industry for a long time and is used, for example, for dental tools by dentists or surgical instruments by doctors and hospitals.

And not without good reason: stainless steel is rust-free, extremely robust, antibacterial, hygienic, reusable and looks very valuable.

If the stainless steel handle can no longer be used due to damage or use over a very long period of time, stainless steel can be melted down as a material and reused.


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